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Prof Nalova Lyonga Advocates the Holistic and Intrinsic Education of Students.

A 2-day visit in the seaside town of Kribi provided Prof Nalova Lyonga, Minister of Secondary Education, the opportunity to take significant actions towards revitalising the Education Community rocked by a wave of students’ misconduct.

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The visit of the Minister of Secondary Education in Kribi was highly expected as the city earned a bad name over the past few weeks following incidents, notably the “magic” purse and the sex tape involving students of Government Bilingual High School Kribi (GBHS Kribi). The launching ceremony of the 28th Edition of the Open/Business Days of Technical and Vocational Education in Government Technical High School Kribi (GTHS Kribi) on 25 March 2021 was therefore the perfect occasion for Prof Nalova Lyonga to address these issues.

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Students’ ingenuity showcased in Arts, Crafts, ICTs, Engineering and Agriculture during the Open/Business Days in GTHS Kribi, and the effective involvement of parents in improving education standards through the construction and transfer to the government of a GF+1 Classroom Block by the Parents-Teachers Association of GBHS Kribi on 26 March 2021 couldn’t be overshadowed by the offending behaviours of some students. Notwithstanding, such mischievous conduct requires the utmost attention of all education stakeholders, hence the minister’s call to the whole community: “we have to educate, all of us here, the children to the highest we can.”

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It is in this regard that Secondary Education Minister took heed to consult the top administrative authorities of Kribi, alongside the school authorities of GBHS Kribi and listened to the authors of the sex tape and their parents, in order to have a full understanding of the situation. Hailing and ratifying the provisions taken jointly by the school and administrative authorities to provide psycho-educational support to the culprits of the sex tape in a special scheme away from their usual classroom setting, Prof Nalova Lyonga entreated the entire community to assist and sustain the Education Community of Kribi: “education starts from home, don’t run away from your responsibilities”.

It is obvious that Kribi deserves the human capital worthy the huge infrastructural investments the government is making in this city to foster the emergence of Cameroon. To add to this positive momentum, the Ministry of Secondary Education (MINESEC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with EVO Solutions, an IT Corporate. Through this agreement whose very first yield is the provision of 1,500 tablets with didactic contents, MINESEC intends to enhance the education offer by reducing the digital divide, and empower youths to tap on their tremendous talents and achieve their most cherished dreams.

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In the same vein, Secondary Education boss granted 75 million worth of equipment to GTHS Kribi and announced the imminent opening of a Bilingual Technical High School in Kribi so as to beef up the technical education offer in both official languages. This gesture is equally a sign of gratitude for the peaceful and welcoming attitude of the local population towards the IDS (internally displaced students) from the North-West and South-West Regions. In turn, the traditional authorities of the seaside resort welcomed and raised Prof Nalova Lyonga to the rank of notable in Grand Batanga, in recognition of her constant commitment to upgrading education standards in Secondary Education.

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