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Prof Nalova Lyonga receives a delegation from the Turkish Maarif Foundation

Prof Nalova Lyonga, Minister of Secondary Education, granted an audience this Thursday 20 October 2022, to a visiting delegation from Maarif, a Turkish Foundation active in over 50 countries worldwide. This four-man delegation led by IPEK COSKUM A., Board Member of Maarif Foundation, aimed at surveying the perception of Maarif Foundation by the Education Community in Cameroon.

24 10 2022 1 Maarif

This audience portraying the good relationship between Maarif and the Ministry of Secondary Education was an occasion given to this foundation to measure the impact of Maarif Foundation educational model in Cameroon; the intention of the Foundation being that of a potential revision and improvement of their educational model so as to better meet the needs of Cameroonians. Showing a good mastery of this Foundation educational model, activities and premises here in Cameroon, Prof Nalova Lyonga reassured her guests through satisfactory answers to their numerous questions and preoccupations. Among other aspects, she expressed her satisfaction with regard to the infrastructure of the Foundation’s schools she has visited, to the implementation of distance education and their planning for teachers’ training programmes.

The Minister reassured her guests of Cameroonians’ appraisal of their work that meets the ministry’s needs in terms of its adequacy. She expressed her readiness to strengthen the collaboration between MINESEC and the Foundation, as well as her availability to attend events they request her presence. Talking during this audience, the Minister expressed the need for more collaboration between Cameroonian teachers and those of the Foundation in terms of pedagogic instruments, experiences, cultures as well as the importance of always considering the two official languages in their various programmes.

24 10 2022 2 Maarif

Prof Nalova Lyonga encouraged the Foundation to carry out more events that show the blend between Cameroon and Turkey, as well as to work on promoting the image of their schools through visual support, better informing the population about their know-how especially in the domain of sciences.

The presence of Maarif in Cameroon is therefore seen as a ground to favour interaction and communication, protect and foster the existing healthy relationship between the two countries; a relationship that goes beyond the framework of diplomatic exchanges at the political level.


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