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The Minister of Secondary Education, Professor Nalova Lyonga, satisfied with the organisation and conduct of DECC examinations

MINESEC boss delivers a two-thumbs up appreciation for the smooth preparation and hitch-free organisation of DECC examinations at the end of her tour in five (5) schools in Yaounde, on 15 June 2021.

The Minister of Secondary Education, in the company of Boniface Bayaola, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Secondary Education (MINESEC) in charge of teacher training (SEESEN), visited five schools in the Mfoundi Division to ascertain the conduct of the BEPC, CAP, and Teacher Training Examinations (CAPIEMP and CAPIET), all of which are organised by the Department of Examinations and Certification (DECC). On this occasion, both members of Government were flanked by other high-ranking officials of MINESEC, ranging from the Secretary-General, Professor Fabien Nkot to the Director of Examinations and Certification, Dr. Madeleine Shewa.


The schools visited by the ministerial delegation, included GHS Mballa II for the the BEPC exam, GBTTC Yaounde for the CAPIEMP, GBHS Nkol-Eton for the BEPC of the Special Bilingual Programme, GTHS Charles Atangana for Commercial and Industrial CAP and College La Retraite, a confessional school.

3 Exams Instructions made known to all candidates

In each of these schools which were chosen following the types of exams they were accommodating, the Minister sought to know how good examinations were going on, paying special attention to the provisions made for impaired candidates, compliance with examinations standards, as well as to the respect for both barriers measures and Clean School requirements.

4 A candidate with Disability

In Government High School Mballa II which is accommodating 22 candidates with disabilities in the BEPC exam, all the candidates were found sitting comfortably and provided with the necessary materiel for their effective participation in the examination. Meanwhile in Government Bilingual High School Nkol-Eton, the Chief of the examination centre confirmed that “exams materials were received well on time and that no candidate arrived late at the examination centre”.

5 Chief of Examination Centre GBHS Nkol Eton

6 Instructions to preserve the assets

Despite the few improvements needed such as the sitting conditions of the candidates, Secondary Education Minister was proud and satisfied with the organisation and conduct of the examinations as witnessed on the field. “Everything is going on well. In fact, I need to congratulate Madam DECC, she has done a fantastic job, as we all can see”, Professor Nalova Lyonga underscored at the end of her morning tour.

As a reminder, unconsolidated statistics for these official examinations organised by DECC stand at 274,338 candidates, including, 215,257 candidates in the standard BEPC, 3,165 in the Special Bilingual Programme BEPC, 30,888 candidates in Industrial CAP, 14,498 candidates in Commercial CAP, 2,227 candidates in the CAPIET and 8,303 candidates in the CAPIEMP examinations.


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